This month

Spring cleaning is in full force and I’ve had an interesting mix of trying to get some heads down time at work and getting inspired to dig into issues that resonate with me. I gave a talk about how cool CSS is at the first ever Vancouver Django Girls event and tried to convince some women that software development is fun ✨ I celebrated International Women’s Day at the most inclusive work environment I have ever been a part of (shoutout to Thinkific). I also decided to recommit myself to blogging about my experiences as a web developer in 2018 and at the very least do a monthly newsletter style update.

I'm reading

A reflection on the stages of being a software developer. A flow chart on how to further your dev skills. How to cleanup my docker images. What doors are opened by using HTML5 semantic elements. Why we shouldn’t test private ruby methods and in contrast, if you have no choice but to test the private method, how do you do it? Google’s new javascript style guide. Some interesting results from Stack Overflow’s survey - particularly the gender-based results. A lack of interest in community building by the growing tech bro culture in my hometown. Tending to yourself as gently as you would plants. In celebration of March being Women’s History Month, a reminder for young women everywhere to be large.

📚 Book Alert 📖 But her emails! A heartbreaking account of blatant misogyny and how messed up journalism in the 2016 election was: What Happened by Hillary Clinton.

I’m interested in

Becoming/being a mentor at The Glass Ceiling Demolition Co. Based in Vancouver with the goal to connect young women with experienced mentors in any field.

I’m listening

#metoo: 5 women discuss sexual harassment from the same man.

I’d like to credit this blog format to Ann Friedman, who’s newsletters lovingly find their way into my inbox each week.