I’m a little late to the resolution game but over the last week I’ve been doing some serious reflection (while on a ski trip in Nelson, BC) and have realized I’ve come a long way from when I first started my developer journey almost 8 years ago. This year a main theme for me is engaging in the developer community and sharing some of the skills I’ve been building over the last few years.

Build out my React knowledge

I learned react almost 2 years ago but working on a weird edge case made me realize I still have a ways to go with my React understanding before I can call myself an expert. I don’t want to limit what React-related a I focus on but a good start would be on performance and a more in-depth look into higher order components

Continue to read a technical article a day

A few months ago I made a commitment to reading one technical article a day and started putting the summaries of articles into a newsletter-style course.

Connect with the developer community more

I signed up for dev.to in the hopes to engage more with developers and to find more technical articles to read to expand my knowledge. I also want to start attending local meet ups at least once every 3 months.

Be a thought leader in the company on accessibility measures and follow through on implementing automated and manual accessibility checks

This goal has been in the works for a while but I want to formally commit myself to pushing our company forward on all things accessibility related and to providing a decent accessible experience for all users of our application.

Master GraphQL subscriptions

This is a also to push me to learn more about GraphQL and all the cool opportunities it provides. I see a real use case in our app for implementing subscriptions and I intend to follow through on it.

Understand Redux and explore React Context as an alternative

Redux is a magical black box to me right now and I would love to have a better understanding of its implementation and use cases.

Follow up

This is how these goals actually translated into my 7Geese personal OKRs for the quarter at Thinkific:

Here’s to another great year! 🍻