Now that it is solidly fall in Vancouver I thought I would mimic all the trees around here and shed some leaves in preparation for new things. First up, change of season haircut, but after that, there are a bunch of things professionally that I want to change. The main theme being immersing myself in the tech community and deepening my technical knowledge. So here we are, my professional goals for the next year:

Build Technical Confidence

  • Write (or participate in writing) a tech spec for each mid sized project I work on (larger than 1 week)
  • Find 3 areas of the product (product == Thinkific) to improve and investigate possible solutions
  • Present a lunch and learn on a technical topic

Get More Involved in Tech Community

  • Attend 1 meet up every 2 months
  • Commit to participating in mentorship outside of Thinkific (either as a mentor or mentee)

Increase Technical Expertise

  • Read 1 technical article a day and write a short summary paragraph on it
  • Complete 1 short course every month (less than 5 hours)

Thats it! Time to get reading…