Last night I went to a meet up on Imposter Syndrome that opened with a panel discussion. I’ve been to other panels before and while they have always been informative, I found myself walking away from last night internalizing so many eye opening pieces of advice. There is so much to apply to my life, not just in the workplace. I scrambled to scribble down the major takeaways from the event as there was so much. Here is what I found were the most valuable:

  • Imposter syndrome has a bodily aspect to it (make yourself smaller)
  • Imposter syndrome is failing to internalizing your own achievements
  • Society loves the wonderkid and you don’t see successes that incorporate a lot of failure (impossible to achieve overnight success)
  • Behind the feeling of imposter syndrome is how we learned the idea of failure and our relationship with the learning process
  • Don’t avoid writing code because you are scared to ask for help
  • Everyone brings something to the table even if they don’t have traditional education
  • Maybe Imposter Syndrome just one side of the human spectrum
  • Imposter Syndrome is an internal/external thing - your reaction and other people’s reaction
  • If you are looking for clues that you aren’t good enough, the world will definitely provide - change your focus to proof that you ARE doing a good job
  • We get asked insurmountable things that feel impossible when we are starting out but everyone has that feeling


  • Put your feelings and emotions on hold and put the projects and groups objectives before your own of inadequacy
  • Remember that you are here for a reason and things didn’t just fall into your lap
  • If you don’t know how you are doing - ask for feedback because it will be way more constructive than worrying
  • Compare yourself today to where you were yesterday
  • Coach people on what their value is - you can grow into positions